Tamaryn: Cranekiss

Ethereality is no way to live. Drifting, unconnected, forever floating about, untethered to reality – it only works if you are an angel or Cocteau Twins. And Mexican Summer recording artist Tamaryn may actually be a little bit of both. The New Zealand-born, NYC-based artist has dabbled with ethereal music over two previous albums and numerous singles, EPs and guest appearances.  But she never succumbs to complete bliss-out; instead grounding her songs (which are as intimate as any singer/songwriter’s might be, if one pays close attention) with a solid musical foundation. Her latest release, Cranekiss, demonstrates this very well, with moments of gloss reminiscent of Beach House, while others drive along with a garage rock verve in the vein of friends Dum Dum Girls. The album’s introductory title song, "Cranekiss," sets the scene perfectly, with a blurry melody and spaciously reverbed vocal layered on top of a simple, but insistent rhythm track. "Hands All Over Me" punches things up a bit, while "I Won’t Be Found" begins with a minute of slowly-building guitar chimes & gauzy murmuring, creeping in like an early morning fog. Solid listening for fans of ethereal sounds.

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-Eric J. Lawrence


1. Cranekiss
2. Hands All Over Me
3. Last
4. Collection
5. Keep Calling
6. Softcore
7. Fade Away Slow
8. I Won't Be Found
9. Sugar Fix
10. Intruder (Waking You Up)