The Boxer Rebellion: Promises

nullThe Boxer Rebellion is a band with many disparate parts that somehow fit perfectly. Hailing from such far-flung parts of the world as London, Australia & Tennessee, this quartet treads a truly indie path, self-releasing many of their records and consequently, with their 2009 breakthrough record Union, becoming the first band to break into the Billboard Album Chart with a digital-only release. That success helped lead the UK Charts to accept digital releases as part of their accounting. Their music has been heard in movies, television shows, commercials and video games. So when they release a new album, as they will on May 14 with Promises, there is good reason to notice. 

But all the ground-breaking and hoopla wouldn’t mean much if the music wasn’t any good, but, like its predecessors, this one seems like a keeper. Don’t trust me? Well, here’s what our own Jason Bentley has to say about it: 

"The music and lyrics of The Boxer Rebellion churn with a gravitational pull that is undeniable, each song building a roiling intensity throughout Promises. It's apparent that the UK based quartet has paid careful attention to the balance of elements at their command on this album, and the result is a solid offering for fans of brooding Alt Rock."

Nuff said! Check out the current KCRW-favorite “Diamonds” and the rest of the entire album. You might very well care to join the Rebellion yourself! 

-Eric J. Lawrence


Track List:

01. Diamonds
02. Fragile
03. Always
04. Take Me Back
05. Low
06. Keep Moving
07. New York
08. Safe House
09. You Belong To Me
10. Dream
11. Promises

Banner Photo by Vincent Dolman