The Jack Moves: The Jack Moves

Wax Poetics, the long-running culture magazine and book publisher, has been a potent force of musical exploration since their debut back in 2001. They have also been hitting their stride as a record label, with the recent release of the Bones & Beeker CD and now the Jack Moves' debut album. Comprised of Newark, NJ-based duo singer and multi-instrumentalist Zee Desmondes and drummer/producer Teddy Powell, the Jack Moves deal in the forward-thinking kind of soul music favored by the likes of Jamie Lidell and Mayer Hawthorne, incorporating elements from classic old-school jams, street-worthy hip-hop beats and open-ended indie rock vibes. Wholly organically driven, but full of the sonic touches that make their music stand out in a crowd, the Jack Moves prove Wax Poetics still have their eyes and ears on the ball.

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. All At Once
  2. Doublin' Down
  3. Day And Night
  4. Seasons Change
  5. Make Love
  6. Being With You
  7. All My Love
  8. Joyride
  9. Lovers Masquerade
  10. Lucky Charm
  11. We're Here Now
  12. Time & Enemy
  13. Kiss in the Dark