The Little Ones: The Dawn Sang Along

-- By KCRW Music Librarian and Host, Eric J. Lawrence


Coming out of LA’s vibrant indie-pop scene of the early 2000s, the Little Ones were the toast of the town for a couple of years.  Between the release of their debut single in late-2006 to their debut album in mid-2008, they were the local reigning Kings of Catchy Pop, rivaling the Shins for making the best sugar-coated riffs around.  But like the  Shins, the Little Ones left the public eye for a while.  But 2013 has brought about many welcome returns, and the Little Ones are at the top of that list with their long-awaited sophomore album, The Dawn Sang Along.

In their near five-year absence, they clearly haven’t forgotten how to get a song stuck in your head.  Tracks like the album opener, “Argonauts,” which throbs with a steel-drum-like rhythm, perfectly sets the table for the further infectious melodies to follow.  Leader Ed Reyes, his brother Brian & the rest of this sextet pull the most captivating elements of Bossa Nova, Caribbean sounds, Beach Boys-esque vocal hooks, Kinksian power pop and more to make for a stellar mix of influences that never sound mined out.  Fresh as a Technicolor daisy the gentlemen of the Little Ones have returned in fine form, as the blissful smiles of happy listeners make clear for all to see.

The Dawn Sang Along will be available to stream on demand from Monday, February 11 through February 18, 2013.