The Olms: The Olms


Singer/songwriter Pete Yorn made a big splash here at KCRW with his debut record back in 2000.  In the ensuing 13 years he has continued to make intriguing records, but no one would accuse him of being “careerist” in his approach.  He seems perfectly happy to release records at his own pace and as the projects appeal to him, whether that is a new solo album, a collaboration with a musically-inclined Hollywood starlet or a series of a couple dozen live acoustic EPs.  And perhaps that’s for the best, as nothing about his work seems forced at all.  Case in point is his new band project, the Olms.  Teaming with a like-minded younger artist named J.D. King, Yorn dabbles with sunny, vaguely psychedelic folk-rock that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Nuggets compilation alongside the Beau Brummels or the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

Both Yorn & King are credited with playing virtually all the instruments on the record, which makes it a little difficult to say who leads the change on any particular song, whether on the Kinks-like “Rise and Shine,” the Grateful Dead-tinged cosmic hoedown “A Bottle of Wine, Etc.” or the David Crosbian “Someone Else’s Girl.”  Even the most contemporary sounding track, “Wanna Feel It,” has some retro keyboard sounds that don’t exactly match anything Yorn has recorded before.  The songs feel fresh and almost spontaneous, and that works to the album’s benefit.  The Olms have made a debut that pleasantly (and miraculously) sounds tossed off while clearly reflecting the sympathetic musical sensibilities of its creators.

- Eric J. Lawrence

Track List:

01. On The Line
02. Someone Else's Girl
03. Twice As Nice
04. Wanna Feel It
05. A Bottle Of Wine, Etc.
06. Another Daydream
07. Rise And Shine
08. What Can I Do?
09. She Said No
10. Only One Way

Banner Photo by Beth Kaltman