Underworld: Barking

cover.jpgFurther proof that music is the art form most closely tied to emotions, electronic music pioneers Underworld’s new release feels like reconnecting with an old friend.  Barking is their 8th studio album and their first in three years, making for a welcome return from guys who have been recording together for 30 years.  And like catching up with someone you haven’t seen in a while, there are a few things that have changed but lots that have remained the same.

The undulating electronic pulse of Underworld still grounds their songs, with Rick Smith’s melodic synth touches matching Karl Hyde’s stream-of-consciousness vocals.  But for the first time they are joined by some outside producers to offer their take on the band’s trademark sound, with collaborations with techno greats Mark Knight & D. Ramirez, Grammy winner Dubfire, longtime Underworld associate Darren Price and others.  As a result, tracks like “Bird 1,” “Always Loved a Film” and the first single, “Scribble,” reflect the best of their previous work through the facet of a newly-cut gem.

- Eric J. Lawrence, KCRW DJ and Music Librarian


Barking will be On-Demand from September 6 through October 4. The album will be released on September 13, 2010.


Artist Website: www.underworldlive.com




1. Bird 1

2. Always Loved A Film

3. Scribble

4. Hamburg Hotel

5. Grace

6. Between Stars

7. Diamond Jigsaw

8. Moon In Water

9. Louisiana