Unloved: Guilty of Love

Unloved have a wholly inaccurate name, as they have quickly become a station-wide favorite here at KCRW. Their retro-leaning soundscapes, processed through modern productions techniques and topped by evocative female vocals, undeniably hit our sweet spot, so unconditional love is required, not merely requested. The project has emerged with some degree of anonymity, but with a little poking around, one learns of the folks involved and it all makes perfect sense.

David Holmes and Keefus Ciancia have had extensive careers in film scoring, with Irishman David working extensively with Stephen Soderbergh, most notably on Out of Sight and the Ocean's Eleven movies. The American-born Keefus has also worked on a number of films, as well as TV shows like Saving Grace and True Detective. Both men have also worked on their own pop projects, both as artists and as producers. Their chance encounter with singer Jade Vincent performing at a club in Hollywood inspired the trio's collaboration, with Jade crafting her cohorts' psychedelic instrumental backdrops into fully-formed songs that mash-up 60's girl-group pop with European soundtrack vibes of yesteryear. On the eve of their debut album, we're quite certain that to know them is to love them.

-Eric J. Lawrence