Wild Belle: Isles

From the Carpenters and Donnie & Marie, to the Fiery Furnaces and the Knife, brother/sister musical duos are all the rage. Even Rufus & Martha Wainwright have been known to team up recently, despite long-standing solo careers. There's something about siblings that give a genetic advantage to working together. Of course, like with any relationship, it can all go terribly wrong (see The Kinks or Oasis). But when it works, there is something invisible that connects them in making telepathically quality music.

While at the University of Michigan, Elliot Bergman formed NOMO, whose Afro-beat flavored instrumentals garnered quite a following. Younger sister Natalie Bergman would occasionally join the group on the road, slowly making herself indispensible by first manning the merchandise table, then playing percussion and singing backup in the band, and even writing & performing her own songs with the group. Naturally this experience brought the two closer together musically, and it quickly became clear there was another project that needed to be explored. Thus was born Wild Belle.

Making their full-length debut, the Bergmans expand their sound to include soul and reggae, jazz and indie pop, all tied together with a seasoned knowledge of how best to use electronic production techniques. It's a potent mix, especially combined with Natalie's ever-confident vocals, making for a noteworthy debut.

-Eric J. Lawrence

Pre-order Isles here:  http://smarturl.it/isles

If you happen to be headed to Austin, TX for this year’s SXSW Event, check them out live at KCRW’s official evening showcase at Haven, Wednesday, March 13 at 8pm!

Track List:

01. Keep You

02. It's Too Late Shine Twisted 

03. Backslider

04. Happy Home 

05. Another Girl 

06. Love Like This 

07. When It's Over 

08. June 

09. Take Me Away