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Bent By Nature

Deirdre O'Donoghue and the lost SNAP archives

The most influential American DJ you've never heard of... until now.


Venturing into flyover country’s freak scene with Glass Eye’s Kathy McCarty and Brian Beattie, Deirdre’s favorite independent act from Austin.

If Deirdre had an official partner-in-crime, it was Syd Straw, who appeared on "SNAP!" five times. She would sing with a band, or over backing tapes that she brought with her, or she would just guest DJ. And no topic was off limits. They had their own wild chemistry: funny, fearless, and more than a little bent.

The Mighty Lemon Drops’ guitarist David Newton and his wife Bekki discuss the strange twists and turns which brought them together, with Deirdre in tow, as The Lemon Drops reached their ascendancy.

The life, loves, and demons of Deirdre O'Donoghue beyond the mic, as told by those who knew her best. Featuring Concrete Blonde, Camper Van Beethoven, Julian Cope, and more.

Before Soundcloud and Bandcamp, there was Deirdre O'Donoghue and "SNAP!," the LA DJ and radio show that served as a waypoint for underground music, artists, and its fans — and helped shape the sound of independent and D.I.Y. culture today.

The story of the life and artists surrounding the most influential American DJ you’ve never heard of.

Bent by nature

She was the most influential American DJ you’ve never heard of. Deirdre O’Donoghue was a vital force in the musical underground of the 1980s. Countless artists crammed into her studio to perform live on her late-night show, “SNAP!” on KCRW. And after 40 years, those legendary sessions will be heard again. Join Michael Stipe, Henry Rollins, Julian Cope, and more for a sound-packed series from the producers of Lost Notes and Unfictional transporting you to the heyday of ‘80s independent music and the DJ who shaped it.

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Known for their brilliant, jagged, and tightly-wound “avant-pop” albums, Austin’s Glass Eye takes Deirdre through their LP “Bent By Nature,” plus a command performance of “Dimsey Naish.”

Deirdre talks with the Glasgow cult favorites in a rare 1985 interview about the long genesis of their debut, their collective struggle with self-doubt, and their imminent preparations for their second album.

The luminary vocalist drops by "SNAP!" in September 1986 with a bagful of records for a guest DJ set with musical interjections by Deirdre.

Composer Philip Glass and director Godfrey Reggio stop by in May 1983 to discuss “Koyaanisqatsi,” a cinematic collaboration now considered a milestone of documentary film.

Guitarist Dave Newton and vocalist Paul Marsh drop by "SNAP!" in 1987 to talk their major label debut "Happy Head" and perhaps be cajoled into performing a song...

The former Echo & The Bunnymen frontman visits "SNAP!" on January 29, 1990 to talk going solo, the end of the Bunnymen, working with Elizabeth Fraser, and more.