Peter Himmelman Band

May 29, 1991

Peter Himmelman’s decades-long career can hardly be distilled into anything as simple as a “singer-songwriter” tag. Nevertheless, during the SNAP era, he was best known for his deeply humanistic, literate, and thoughtful songwriting, played here without fuss by the Peter Himmelman Band.

The sextet focuses on material from Himmelman’s then-new album, 1991’s aptly-named “From Strength to Strength.”

Peter Himmelman Band
Photo courtesy of Island Records.


Peter Himmelman (Guitar, Vocals)
Andrew Kamman (Drums)
Al Wolovitch (Bass)
Jeff Victor (Keyboards)
Sally Dworsky (Backing Vocals)
J’Anna Jacoby (Violin)


Engineer: Bob Carlson
Host: Deirdre O’Donoghue