Freeform Fridays: LA duo Classixx share a nostalgic mix for your mornings

KCRW Music brings you the new on-air series “Freeform Fridays” featuring mixes from special guests and KCRW DJs. This week, Los Angeles duo Michael David and Tyler Blake — better known as Classixx — bring their sound to our series.

Classixx have done wonders in ushering in a new wave of dance music — distilling smooth blends of funk, house, and disco. Not to mention a wide range of remixes and releases from mainstream headliners to indie artists. KCRW has always had a special spot for this duo and as fans we always want to find new ways to get to know the artists we support. 

We asked Michael David of Classixx a few questions in anticipation of their set. Read on as he shares insights on Prince, current times, and his love for music and family.

Classixx on their inspiration behind the mix:

The vibe for this mix is kind of smooth and steady. Relaxing but not too sleepy. I've avoided including anything challenging, right now I've been reaching for music that makes me feel comfortable and slightly nostalgic. These are all songs I've been listening to in the mornings at my house. 

The standout track:

"Love... Thy Will Be Done" By Prince is particularly resonant for me. It was released on his Originals record last year. This song was originally written for and released by Martika, which is also an excellent version. It's astounding to hear yet another channel of Prince's range. The song almost feels like it could've been made by The Blue Nile but Prince's sensibilities are unmistakable. 

The subtlety of the production is amazing. The bass note never changes, which is why I think this song never gets too indulgent. It's totally masterful in every way and it made me rethink music production when I heard it. 

A “ringer” for current times:

No doubt the opening song by Chris Rea, "Loving You Again". It's such great montage music, a track for the open road. Also, there's something in the sentiment of the lyrics that feels appropriate right now. "I'll be loving you again" – like we'll reconnect soon. It's been doing the trick for me. 

This mix is family friendly:

I suggest putting this on in the morning. I make my baby son breakfast and we listen to music every morning. He makes me play "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" by Gloria Estefan every morning, which I didn't include but there are a bunch of our favorites here. This mix should be a good start to day. Share it with the family! 

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Stephanie Barbosa