Gary Calamar’s Kim Fowley Tribute

The late Kim Fowley's career ranged from promoter to musician to manager to record producer to filmmaker, to author, to Svengali.

He is best known for managing and producing The Runaways in the 70’s…but that was just one chapter in his very colorful career. He’s worked with everybody from John Lennon and Frank Zappa to Helen Reddy and Ariel Pink. He even started the custom of lighting your cigarette lighter at concert encore time. “Although he was an intimidating character, we became good friends and I knew him as a very warm, supportive, brilliant, and yes somewhat twisted guy...but in a great, inspiring way,” said Calamar. Kim Fowley: "I'm a horrible human being with a heart of gold,” he said in 2012. “I'm the worst, horrifying but lovely. I'm a bad guy who does nice things.” Gary Calamar pays tribute to Kim Fowley with special guests journalist Harvey Kubernik and musician/producer Ben Vaughn. Tune in to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly of the late, great Kim Fowley.





Gary Calamar