McCabe's 50th Anniversary

In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of McCabe's Guitar Shop, Gary Calamar hosts a special guest DJ session with Nancy Covey, John Chelew and Lincoln Myerson, who produced McCabe's legendary weekend concert series for more than 20 years. (Covey served as McCabe's concert producer from 1974-1984; Chelew followed her in that position from 1984-1996; Myerson is the current producer.) They'll reminisce about the roster of talented musicians who've graced the Santa Monica guitar shop's intimate back-room stage and share rare recordings from McCabe's performances.

McCabe's, which has served three generations of musicians and music aficionados, has produced five decades of concerts in its intimate back room, featuring a palate of music that ranges from roots, bluegrass and Cajun, to jazz, punk and Gospel, as well as outsider poets and amazing guitarists of every genre.



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