Argentina and Ghana

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Hi, all - I'm off to Buenos Aires for the South American Music Conference and to Accra for 'Independence Splash.'

Held at the Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires, the South American Music Conference is for fans of electronica; the two day event includes competitions, workshops, discussions  as well as performances from bands such as Chilian Javiera Mena, and Columbia's Diva Gash. DJ's include UK's dance chameleon Justin Robertson and techno wiz Sven Vath – he's the man behind the German label Cocoon and they will be hosting an eleven hour party on the first night of the conference. If you enjoy wicked visuals to sway your hips to, these will be provided by the likes of urban artists DOMA  from Argentina and Parisian new media designers HelloHikimori.

Ghana was the first black African country to gain independence from colonial rule in 1957. To honour this achievement Ghanaian superstar Rocky Dawuni established  'Independence Splash' in 2001, a huge concert attracting thousands of music fans to celebrate their homeland and it’s rich musical heritage. UNICEF and Africa Live! Are presenting  this year's 50th anniversary event while promoting a scheme for clean water. Independence Splash will be held on the aptly named La Pleasure Beach in Accra, headlined by music maestro Rocky Dawuni, with other performances by raglife star Batman Samini, griot sensation King Ayisoba and DJ Black Santino.

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