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Hi, this is Gemma Dempsey and welcome to another edition of The Global Gig Guide. This week we are heading to the Roskilde festival in Denmark and to various cities around the world for the Live Earth event.

Roskilde is 35 km from Copenhagen in Denmark  with a history that dates back to the Vikings. Since 1971 the fairgrounds outside Roskilde have been home to the music festival, which is now one of the biggest in Europe. This year there are almost 200 acts on the bill and they include  Bjork, The Whitest Boy Alive, Basement Jaxx, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Camera Obscura, John Legend, and Aloe Blacc.  Any profits from the festival go to charities and camping is free!

Talking about camping, Roskilde has a camping village with 13 ‘Agoras’ - meaning a ‘gathering place’. The camping area is divided into 13 neighborhoods, each with its own Agora providing everything from the practical- such as mobile phone chargers; to restorative such as the a silent Agora where you can do yoga and bake bread; to the healthy Swim Agora located by the lake with underwater music provided by Sanctuary;  to the provocative –  ‘Single’ Agora is where you are invited to come and find your sweetheart, change gender or sexuality – now that is what I call a full service Agora!

The Roskilde Cinema will screen films such as Shane Meadow’s new pic ‘This is England’, the documentary ‘Joe Strummer; The Future is Unwritten’ and  Nodic cult films such as ‘Glittermongot’ and ‘Svidd Neger’. And if watching these brings out the inner film maker in you, your in luck! Bring your films of the festival caught on your mobile phone or digital camera to be edited at  Roskilde’s professional film making workshop, and the best ones will be shown on the big screen!

The next featured festival on this week’s Global Gig Guide is truly global. On the auspicious date of July 7th 2007, the world will witness the first Live Earth Day with concerts and special events taking place in nine cities around the globe  - London, Johannesburg,  Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Hamburg And Istanbul. The aim is to bring together 100 music artists and 2 billion people on 7 continents to trigger a global movement to help solve the climate crisis. Former U.S Vice President Al Gore and Live 8 producer Kevin Wall are the main guys behind Live Earth and the SOS campaign. This huge event will cover all media platforms, so as many people as possible get the message that we can all do our bit to help save the world.

Check out the website for more information about the organizations involved in Live Earth Day and to find out who is appearing in which city. Headliners include Madonna, Jack Johnson, Angelique Kidjo, Zola, KT Tunstall,  Melissa Etheridge and the London concert has the very special treat of  Spinal Tap who are reforming for the Live Earth show at Wembley Stadium! Apparently the occasion has caused the band to write a new song called ‘Warmer than Hell’ with lyrics  "The devil went to Devon, it felt like the fourth degree/ He said, `Is it hot in here, or is it only me?'

That’s it for this weeks Global Gig Guide – as always we’d love to hear about festivals in your part of the world, so why not send us an email ?
Otherwise check back with us next week for more information on Global Gigging.

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