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Give It A Name, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, London, Birmingham and Glasgow April 20 - 29

Give It A Name
, began in 2005 and soon became established as the biggest indoor rock festival in the UK. This year it is expanding  – beginning in Germany at venues in Berlin and Cologne, followed by Paris, before heading to the British Isles where it will play in England and  Scotland. The line up is full on rock with some emo thrown in for good measure – The All American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, Biffy Clyro and Juliette and the Licks –  please check the schedule as not all the bands will perform at each of the cities on the tour. Most of the bands hail from the US or the UK but HIM is one of the exceptions. Originally known as His Infernal Majesty, HIM comes from Finland and is known for being the only Finnish band to go Gold in US charts as well as their trademark ‘heartagram’ logo – some thought it was connected to Satanism but lead singer and logo designer Ville Valo says it represents their own special brand of love metal music. You know, I’d never have thought I would find myself writing the words ‘Finland, love, metal and heart’ in one sentence but that’s the beauty of music and its many wonderful guises around the globe!

Thanks to Stephen from Calgary in Canada who contacted the Global Gig Guide regarding the Snowbombing event in Austria that I reported on a few weeks ago. I quoted the black slope of Hariki as having a gradient of 78 degrees –  well it seems my maths is almost as bad as my skiing as this kind of a slope would require crampons rather than skis to scale it!  Apparently Harikiri has a grade of 78 percent which is infact an incline of 38 degrees  - definitely a black slope but not quite the precipice I had described! Check out the link that Stephen sent on the Global Gig Guide page for some awesome shots of Harakiri.

All Tomorrows Parties are at it again, this time at the end of April at Butlins Holiday Centre in Minehead; located on the south coast of England which is also referred to as the Somerset Riviera . Whatever they call it, it's still England in April and while there are miles of sandy beaches, it could easily snow or be sunny, so be prepared for all weathers.
ATP is curated by different bands or artists – you may have heard me talk about the one headed by Thurston Moore some months back. The bill for this one will be cherry picked by Australia’s Dirty Three .I have no idea if this is a coincidence, but this festival comes 2 days after Anzac Day – this commemorates the day when the forces of Australia and New Zealand entered the first World War, landing on Gallipoli on April 25 1915... Back to 2007, lets look at some of the acts on offer for this festival – Nick Cave, Cat Power, Low, Mum Smokes and Joanna Newsom. And being as its at an a holiday centre, you can also enjoy the ten pin bowling, humungous water park and cinema all within staggering distance of your chalet.

And don’t forget these artists are currently on tour around the world…
Arcade Fire
Modest Mouse
Bright Eyes -  Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes were just on our very own Morning Becomes Eclectic so check out their performance on KCRW’s website

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Other events around the world….

Beltane Fire Festival
Scotland April 30th (and other parts of the world around this time) For tickets call Tel: +44(0)131 473 2000

New York May 9 – 19th, The inaugural H&M High Line Festival, curated by David Bowie, ft. Laurie Anderson, Arcade Fire, Deerhoof, Bang on a Can Allstars, Ricky Gervais, The Polyphonic Spree, The Secret Machines.

Pinkpop festival, Laandgraaf, Netherlands May 26-28
Europe’s oldest pop festival! Bill includes Smashing Pumpkins, Artic Monkeys, Snow Patrol, Amy Winehouse

Ojai Music Festival, California June 8-10
Program includes - The Los Angeles Master Chorale, Nexus, Peter Eotovos, Bugallo-Williams

Fusion Festival Germany June 28 – July 1st
Line up TBD.

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