NY, Australia and St Patrick’s Day

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Held in New York to coincide with the fifth anniversary of Iraq war, SPEAK UP is a benefit concert aiming to encourage empathy and provide New Yorkers with options for action. New York musicians will be joined by speakers from the worlds of politics, media, war and social justice. Artists on the bill include Laurie Anderson, Norah Jones, Moby, Scissor Sisters, David Byrne and Lou Reed.

There’s also a photo exhibition by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders of portraits of soldiers injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Tickets are $65 and $125 for VIP and all proceeds go to United for Peace and Justice and Iraq Veterans Against War.

The Venue for Speak Up is St Ann’s warehouse located in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn – that’s an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass –  just recently designated as the city’s 90th historic district by the New York City Landmarks Commission.

The Playground Weekender in Australia’s New South Wales must be one of the few music festivals that has punters arrive by Catamaran. The venue is the Del Rio resort in Wisemans Ferry, known for its beautiful location alongside the Hawkesbury River.  Artists on the bill include Kruder and Dorfmeister, The Wombats, Crazy P, Norman J, Ian Brown and Maximo Park. After not having toured Australia for almost 2 years Playground Weekender has managed to lure back Cocorosie to perform their own special variety of experimental folk rock. DJ Russ Dewbury, One of the original Acid jazz Djs and founder of Brighton’s Jazz Bop Sessions will be digging into his crates for some rare gems.

Playground Weekender will also showcase some homegrown talent in the form of Grrilla Step and Sydney’s dance darlings Cassette Kids.  You can opt to stay in a yurt , a tent hotel, houseboats or a motor home depending on comfort needs and festival stamina.  And in addition to the great music and location, Playground Weekender has an outdoor cinema, a fancy dress parade a pool party and the odd kangaroo bouncing around wondering what the hell the humans are up to…

If it’s March, its green and sound of the tin whistle is in the air, then it has to be St Patrick’s Day. Thanks the Irish diaspora there are celebrations all over the world in the name the Irish Patron saint (who was in fact born in Roman Britain). In New York, Boston and Chicago there are huge parades with much merry
making in the streets while in London the fountains of Trafalgar Square are dyed green.

The Irish Festival in Manchester is attempting to set a Guinness world record for the biggest Irish music session held in a pub. Musicians of any nationality are invited to participate – although everyone will need to know the appropriately named tune ‘The Maid Behind the Bar’. So start practicing and enjoy the craic!

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