Rio, Venice and New Orleans

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GLOBAL GIG GUIDE goes to Carnival!

Hi this is Gemma Dempsey and this week it’s a Carnival Extravaganza as the Global Gig Guide goes to Rio, Venice and New Orleans to witness this worldwide  street party.

At the core of Carnival is Mardi Gras, a Christian tradition that relates to a period of hedonism before the abstemious days of Lent begin.

Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous destinations for Carnival. The mayor hands the keys to the city to a Dionysian character called ‘King Momo’ and so begins 4 days of infectious rhythm shuffling and dancing as samba schools, some with thousands of members whip the onlookers into a frenzy of gyrating fun!

If Rio is the most lively place for Carnival, Venice is the most beautiful, with its narrow walkways and piazzas full of masked and costumed revelers. Getting lost is easy in this watery maze of a city, so let music be your guide – this year Venezia Suona includes classic work of Nino Rota, Afro Celt Sound System and The marching Bands Collision where  drums and bagpipes face off against Brazilian percussionists, each group starting at opposite ends of Venice and colliding in a cacophony of sounds in historic St Marks Square.

Over 4 million people flock to New Orleans for their Mardi Gras celebrations. Endless floats, processions, and sounds of blues jazz and zydeco emanate from every nook and cranny of this vibrant city, with many clad in the traditional colors of purple green and gold, representing justice, faith and power.

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