Sweden, Denmark, Italy

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Arvika Festival in Sweden is held July 3-5 and has been going since the 90’s when it was known for showcasing big synth groups. These days its musical spectrum is much broader ; the line up for 2008 includes Death Cab For Cutie, Lykki Li and The Go!Team.

According to Roskilde’s website, tickets for the festival are still available which I think is pretty incredible given that the line up includes Radiohead. My Bloody Valentine, The Chemical Brothers, Sigur Ros, Neil Young and  MGMT amongst many others. MIA was due to be on the bill but she’s just pulled out of this and all her European dates, saying she needs a break from the rigors of touring.
As well as music there’s movies!  Persepolis, The Simpsons,  ‘Control’ from Anton Corbin  and the magnificent ‘Heima’ from Sigur Ros.

From Denmark we head to Italy for Turin’s Spaziale Festival . Artists include The Raconteurs, Siouxie, The Hives, Teatro Degli Orrori and Deus. Turin is located near the Alps and according to wikipedia it’s known as the birthplace of solid chocolate –so take your pick – go to Turin to check out the Spaziale Festival, eat some solid choccy and while you’re at it, pop into the Cathedral of St John the Baptist and decide for yourself if the shroud is a fake or not…

Now here’s something you may not know about me - I was named after Italian Saint Gemma Galgani , known as the Virgin of Lucca, and it just so happens that Lucca hosts a music festival throughout July. Artists on the bill include Ennio Morricone, Alicia Keys, Eryka Badu, Sheryl Crow, Chicago and Leonard Cohen – how’s that for an electic line up!!
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