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Paul Weller, Ed Harcourt, Supergrass and Andy Rourke of The Smiths are just a few of the names involved in a ‘pioneering track/gig’ combo called Consequences. Based on the game of the same name, some of the afromentioned artists created a track piece by piece without knowing what had gone before – first up were the drummers, followed by bassists, synths guitartists and finally vocalists. You can buy the resulting track as well as attend the gig on March 2nd –proceeds for either one go to benefit a charity to help the homeless and is sponsored by Drinkaware, due to the fact that so many people end up on the streets as a result of alcohol abuse. Consequences the concert will take place at The Roundhouse in Camden – you may have heard Amy Winehouse tell the world at the Grammy’s that ‘Camden ain’t burning down’ a reference to the recent fire that ravaged part of north london’s music mecca and market.

The town of Carhay in the centre of Brittany in France is known for hosting a festival in July but as of last year it has a smaller more taking place in March. Its called the Vielles Charrus Remettent Le Son – bit of a mouthful especially with my high school French. From what I can gather on the web, its vibe is more indie oriented than the older more established festival. Some of the artists on the bill include La Grande Sophie, Olli et Mood, Wine, Sna-Fu and Hificlub.

Also in France and returning for a second year is GeNeRiq. Its organized by the team behind the Les Eurockeennes de Belfort which was featured last year on The Global Gig Guide. GeNeRiq is a bit f a moveable feast taking place for one day in five  cities in France including Dijon and Bresancon as well as Freiburg in Germany. The bands will perform in all manner of locations from boats to offices to dance centres. Artists on the bill include Tunng, Sebastien Tellier, The Noisettes and The Cool Kids.

The Future Music Festival in Australia is a mini tour beginning March 1st that will rock up to a variety of cities including Brisbane and Sydney.
The music is definitely on the dance and electronica vibe with artists such as The Chemical Brothers, DJ Yoda and John Digweed on the bill. For full information about the festival check out the website - futuremusic

And despite the fact its only February, lots of the big summer festivals are already confirming their line-ups
– here are some I’ve just read about -
Muse are to headline at V;

Fatboy Slim for 02’s Wireless;

Massive Attack, Hot Chip and The Verve at Glastonbury;

And Kings of Leon at T In The Park.

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