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Hi this is Gemma Dempsey and welcome to another edition of the Global Gig Guide from the studios of in Los Angeles.

This week we will check out - 
- the first NME Rock N Roll Riot tour in the US;
- The Glebe Music Festival in Australia
- and Wintercase in Spain.

NME stands for New Musical Express, a music magazine from the UK that is the longest published music weekly in the world. It’s championed the likes of The Sex Pistols and Artic Monkeys and this month it launched the first NME Rock n Roll Riot Tour in the US. Artists on the bill include The Hold Steady from Brooklyn, Art Brut from the UK and The Blood Arm from Los Angeles - they will be heading to numerous cities across the US including Boston, Chicago , Seattle, Austin New York and LA.
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Last week on The Global Gig Guide I told you that tickets were already selling fast for Big Day Out in Australia and New Zealand. This week I’m going back to Australia but for a very different event – its called
The Glebe Music Festival and features classical, contemporary and world music.  I stayed in Glebe a few years ago when I was visiting an old friend from London.
–    its a lovely leafy suburb of Sydney comprising University Buildings, Victorian red brick houses, cool shops and cafes.
–    The Glebe Music Festival grew out of the informal musical soirees held in Marghetta Cottage since the 1960’s. Initially its philosophy was to bring together musicians at different stages of their careers. Nowadays the repertoire includes music that is both classical and contemporary, by composers past and present.
–    Today the Glebe Festival takes place in a number of venues around the area including the original Marghetta Cottage as well as The Great Hall in the University of Sydney, Gleebooks and St Scholastica’s Chapel. It begins in mid November with the last concert on December 2nd, and features the music of Belgian composer and renowned violinist  Eugene Ysaye performed by Ronald Woodcock, Jazz from Quantum Theory and Ajay Goldsmith from Nepal will lead his 6 piece group Sangeet – by the way Sangeet is Sanskrit for music!

Wintercase in Spain is an annual festival that tours the country from mid October to late November. Presented by the Spanish beer San Miguel and the Barcelona based promotion company Sinnamon, this year’s Wintercase  will take place in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, and Barcelona.

Priding itself in bringing the best in new and indie talent to the Iberian peninsula, Wintercase has a very cool line up for 2007,including Spiritualized, Soulsavers featuring Mark Lanegan, Editors, Spoon and Ratatat.

For more information about these and other world wide music events, check out our my new blog spot – I’d love to hear from you so feel free to post comments or let me know about your recent gigging experiences.

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