Global Beat México: Ángel Céspedes, Ana Verá, Hotmood

Written by Kylee Wiens

Episode 11 takes listeners on a musical journey through Mexico’s emerging alternative genres. Featuring Hotmood, Ángel Céspedes and Ana Verá. Photos by HTMD, Julián Álvarez and Ana Quiñonez.

KCRW’s Global Beat is a series highlighting emerging artists from around the world. Our second season takes us to México, hosted by KCRW DJ Raul Campos alongside our curators, Mexico City DJ and music supervisor Junf, director of Festival NRMAL Moni Saldaña, and NPR’s Betto Arcos.

Junf is back and better than ever on this week’s episode of Global Beat. His curation includes sundry selections from Guadalajara and México City, saturated with international influence. Cubo-Caribbean sounds meet traditional dance hall music, modern indie meets R&B, and house meets disco in these delightfully diverse tracks. 

Young Mexican artists have continued to demonstrate the innovation and cultural considerations of their respective local scenes. These tracks are intrinsically linked to Mexican history and tradition, but also transcend to portray an experience that is internationally recognizable and inclusive. 

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Ángel Céspedes - “Tumbao Loco

Infusing some of the Cuban sounds you might hear in a Mexico City "salon de baile" (or dance hall), Ángel Céspedes also channels the sounds of southern tropical Mexico in “Tumbao Loco.” Horns, drums, strings, and flutes are intricately woven together for a warm, effervescent track that feels at once delightfully nostalgic and creatively modern. Despite being Céspedes’ first release, “Tumbao Loco” represents the excellence that is the México City indie scene. 

Ana Verá- “Contigo

Further evidence of the progressive side of modern Guadalajara, Ana Verá performs with artists from her home city as well as Panama and Monterrey for her style of R&B-meets-soul. “Contigo” is certainly good for the soul with its subversive saxophone flair, silky vocals, and alluring bassline. The song evokes feelings of dancing with friends, laying in a park, or sippin’ on some fine wine. Cozy and inviting, you won’t wanna miss out on this treat of a track.

Hotmood- “Freak Around

One of Mexico's busiest DJs and producers, Hotmood comes from Guadalajara and concocts beats that incorporate mariachi, R&B, soul, grassroots, and indie dance. Guadalajara’s international art and culture scene influences the diverse sounds coming out of the city. Put on your dancing shoes for “Freak Around” and prepare to listen on repeat, because these smooth sample flips and high energy production are truly addictive.

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