Nick Hakim, enrapturing at KCRW HQ.
Photo by Andres Herrera

Nick Hakim: KCRW Live from HQ

Intimate performances, fresh sounds, and candid conversations with a view.

Lo-fi R&B crooner Nick Hakim comes through the Annenberg Performance Studio at KCRW HQ to deliver a honey-hued session of lifted compositions from his acclaimed 2022 album, COMETA. Joined by a six-piece band that includes singer June McDoom, Hakim expands on his intimate recordings with complex harmonies and expansive jams on favorites like “Happen,” “Vertigo,” “Feeling Myself,” and more. 

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Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera

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Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera


KCRW Music Director: Anne Litt
Recording/Mix Engineer: John Meek
Video Director / Editor : Angie Scarpa
Camera Operators : Leslie Bumgarner, Nacia Schreiner, Angie Scarpa
Event Producer: Liv Surnow
Assistant Producer: Anna Chang
Art Director: Evan Solano
Lighting Design: Jason Groman
Digital Producer: Andrea Domanick

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