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Adia Victoria at KCRW. Photos by Christopher Ho.

We recently welcomed singer and songwriter Adia Victoria to KCRW where she performed a handful of songs for us, including her unreleased track In The Pines. She also chatted with KCRW DJ Anne Litt about her new album, women's role in society and the blues.

Victoria is an artist on the rise, and what she explores on her album  Silences  (produced by Aaron Dessner of The National) is as riveting as is the sound. Victoria said, “I wonder what it would sound like if Billie Holiday got lost in a Radiohead song?”  Silences  takes its title from the 1962 book of the same name, by first-wave feminist Tillie Olsen, a reflection on the yawning void in artistic canons that came with excluding women from serious consideration. 

Watch this stellar performance of "Different Kind Of Love."

Photos by Christopher Ho.





Anne Litt


Mary Chellamy

Adia Victoria - Vocals, Guitar
Jason Harris - Bass
Mason Hickman - Guitar
Peter Eddins - Piano
TIm Beaty - Drums

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William Kehoe - Sound Intern
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