Brittany Howard

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Brittany Howard's solo debut album Jaime puts her powerhouse vocals on full display. It also takes us front and center to her very personal journey of loss, love and self-discovery.  We're thrilled to welcome her back to KCRW to perform her new tracks for us.

Images by Jessica Hanley.





Mary Chellamy

Brittany Howard – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Zac Cockrell – Bass
Brad Allen Williams – Guitar
Alex Chakour – Guitar
Paul Horton – Keys
Ira Nate Smith – Drums
Lloyd Buchannan – BGV/Keys
Karita Law – BGV
Shanay Johnson - BGV

Technical support:
Kat Yore – Recording Engineer
Justin Tamplin – Band Engineer
Eric Drachman, Dee Mize – Sound Intern
Andrew Weilert - Video Director
Pat Jewett – Director of Photography
Kashi McDaniels, Michael Verdin, Tal Day, Susie Bijan – Camera Operators