Cage the Elephant

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Cage the Elephant. Image by Larry Hirshowitz.

Cage the Elephant recently visited KCRW where they played a set of new songs from their latest album Social Cues. Brothers Matt and Brad Shultz talked with Jason Bentley about working with Beck and their constant drive in creating new music.

Images by Larry Hirshowitz.





Mary Chellamy

Matthew Shultz - Lead Vocals
Bradley Shultz - Guitar
Nick Bockrath - Lead Guitar
Matthan Minister - Keys
Daniel Tichenor - Bass
Jared Champion - Drums

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Paul Smith - Recording Engineer
Tony Blanc - Band Engineer
Angelo Acosta - Sound Intern
Andrew Weilert - Video Director
Pat Jewett - Director of Photography
Kashi McDaniels, Susie Bijan, Michael Verdin, Tal Day, Conner Savage - Camera Operators
Edited for broadcast: Paul Smith