Dirty Projectors

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The Dirty Projectors, fronted by David Longstreth, have been a hugely influential band since their formation in 2002. Their distinct sound is beautifully off kilter and their latest effort Lamp Lit Prose is positively bright and bouncy. We have a live preview the day before its release.

The Dirty Projectors with Jason Bentley at KCRW

Images of the Dirty Projectors by Jessica Hanley.





Rachel Reynolds

Dave Longstreth – Vocals, guitar
Kristin Slipp - Keys vocals
Maia Friedman – Guitar vocals
Nat Baldwin – Bass /bass synth
Felicia Douglass – Percussion, keys vocals
Mike Johnson – Drums

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Eric Liljestrand - Village Engineer
Gabe Burch - Assistant Village Engineer
Andrew Weilert - Video Director
Pat Jewett - Director of Photography
Patricia Varas, Michael Verdin - Camera Operators
Ray Guarna - Editor