Ivan & Alyosha

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It take a certain sort of band to name themselves after characters from a Dostoevsky novel, but Ivan & Alyosha happen to be that certain kind of band! For such a rousing, uplifting sound to come from guys who chose to name themselves after the master of gloomy Russian angst is certainly unexpected, but I&A founders Tim Wilson & Ryan Carbary and friends thrive on doing things differently. Powered by an unassuming ability to connect with their audience, the Seattle-based group strive for simplicity in their good-natured tunes, and that makes them all the more irresistibly charming. They have talent and charisma galore, as they display in their live performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic -- just don't look for someone named Ivan or Alyosha!

Technical Support:
Melissa Morton - Recording Engineer
Eric Drachman - Sound Intern
Rob LaFond, Shelly Badal, Grant Buckerfield - Web Video Producers

Photo: Veronica Coleman






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