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Ravi Shankar and daughter Anoushka play, and thoroughly explain, the sitar on their first visit together in our studio. Anoushka Shankar is often found playing live performances with her father and is a solo musician who tours on her own as well.
Ravi started introducing the world to Indian music in the 60-s and his autobiography My Music, My Life, released in 1969, is still regarded as one of the best introductions to Hindustani music. A year earlier he released Sounds of India, an album appropriate for the musical awakening of the Beatles era. Although the experimentation of the 60-s found him collaborating with artists like George Harrison and Phillip Glass, his playing has always remained traditional and structured. &quotI; play my own compositions whenever I have played with anyone else, but it's not like having a jam session, that I have not done, and I think I find that much more difficult."
In 1973 he released the album Ragas. Ragas are the name given to precise ascending and descending melody forms with subtle touches and stesses on particular notes. Ragas are of coarse found on his latest release Teacher, put out earlier this year. Anyone who listens with an open mind can appreciate the beauty of the playing despite being able to follow the sometimes complex rhythm forms. &quot..It-s; a great happiness for me to see how our music is accepted on a serious level, not just esoteric and exciting like it was in the 60's.. they really appreciate much more the depth of our music, the spiritual quality.."

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