Tom Misch

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Tom Misch was voted "Best New Artist" by KCRW's Djs last year and just released his debut album. He’s a musical chameleon who hopscotches across genres with ease, and we can’t wait to hear it live in his first US radio session.

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KCRW's Travis Holcombe, Aaron Byrd
and Raul Campos chatting with Tom Misch.

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Images of Tom Misch by Larry Hirshowitz





Rachel Reynolds

Tom Misch – Vocals, Guitar
Tobie Tripp – Guitar, Violin
James Creswick – Bass
Joe Price – Keys
Rob Araujo – Keys on South Of The River
Braxton Cook - Saxophone
Jamie Houghton – Drums

Technical Support:
Ray Guarna – Recording Engineer
Kenny Field – Sound Intern
Kashi McDaniels, Pat Jewett, Michael Verdin, Patricia Varas - Web Video Producers