In Residence: Fabiano Do Nascimento performs classically inspired work and shares a brand new composition

Fabiano do Nascimento Photo courtesy of the artist

Back in 2015, Tom Schnabel shared music by an extraordinary acoustic guitarist he'd heard that played a seven-string guitar. The guitar was popularized in Brazil and includes an extra bass string. The guitar in question was played by Rio de Janeiro born Fabiano do Nascimento.  Now based in Los Angeles, a continent away from his homeland, Nascimento draws from a deep love of Brazilian rhythms and pays homage to his mentors.  If you are looking to settle your mind and spirit, let this intimate session wash over you. 

Your music is beautiful and transcendent and at this time and place, a balm. thank you for sharing the new song, “Meditação.” Is this something that you've written during quarantine? 

Thank you for your kind words, that means a lot to me.

Meditação was something I wrote in the early part of last year, when I first got my 10 string guitar made and delivered to me. I was exploring different ways to tune it and set it up.Very inspired by how Egberto Gismonti would set up his 10-String guitar. But really just trying to find my way around the instrument itself. It is still very new to me.So that was one of the first things I started playing.It was like a meditation.It will also be a part of my new solo album coming out soon with Now Again Records.

You were born in Brazil but are based in Los Angeles. Have you been back lately? If so, what draws you back home? 

The last time I was in Brazil was in January-February 2018. This has definitely been the longest I've been away. Since I moved here to Los Angeles in 2002, I would usually go back once a year. Sometimes two or three times a year. 

Every time I go, I feel that it revitalizes me spiritually. It's always great to go back and be in that rich musical culture with friends and family. 

Also, I love exploring the nature areas in Brazil. In fact, I would mostly spend my time there doing that. Almost feeling a bit guilty about it because I wouldn't spend as much time with my family and friends.

What's the first song you learned on guitar?

I still remember my first guitar piece that I learned in its entirety was “Moonlight Sonata” (Beethoven) from some tablature I had found when I was about 11 years old. It was my Grandma's favorite piece and I learned it so I could play it for her. 

Tell us about your new album  “Prelúdio.” Is it safe to say it's a tribute to some of your favorite Brazilian artists: Baden Powell, Hermeto Pascoal, Francisco Tenório Júnior, and Rosinha de Valença. It is your third album but the first time to feature  your own compositions. How did you make that leap?

Yes, “Prelúdio” is definitely a tribute to some of my heroes. Always. So many I can't list them. But it is also, to the beautiful experiences and places I've been through the music.  

I love composing and “Preludio” came together very naturally in that way. Each song was pretty much done and recorded on a different guitar with different tunings. It was during a time I had like 10 different guitars at home! Total nerd. Some of them were given to me by different luthiers to try out. I would set them up all in slightly different tunings and try to create from the unique sound each one of them produced.

--Written by Ariana Morgenstern and Anne Litt

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Edited for broadcast by - Paul Dreux Smith