The Emergence of Joni Mitchell, Part I

As Joni Mitchell releases Shine, her first album of new material in 10 years, award-winning producer Paul Ingles hosts a two-hour examination of one of the most heralded songwriters of her time. Ingles and his guests explore how Joni Mitchell crafted her artistry and connected with audiences over four decades.

Mitchell put the experience of being a woman and being human on artful display through her blatantly honest and confessional lyrics, innovative open guitar tunings and jazz-inflected vocals. The program focuses on Mitchell's key releases to illuminate the musicianship of the woman Rolling Stone called "one of rock's most daring and uncompromising innovators."

By mixing Mitchell's music from these pivotal moments with informed commentary from musicians, fans, music critics and archival interviews with Mitchell herself, The Emergence of Joni Mitchell articulates what music lovers have found so compelling about this thoughtful and innovative writer and performer. Special guests include music writers Ann Powers, Anthony DeCurtis, Paul Zollo, Lydia Hutchinson and Holly George-Warren. Also featured are musicians Shawn Colvin, Lucy Kaplansky and others.

Part II airs Friday, November 23, from 6:30-7:30pm.

Photo: © Baron Wolman