Carlos Niño: "Love to All Doulas! (feat. Nate Mercereau)"

The New York Times calls Carlos Niño “the spiritual force behind LA’s eclectic music scene,” and it’s true. A radiant being, he is also the co-producer and co-writer for André 3000’s New Blue Sun. But today, we’re focusing on his own new album, Placenta, a celebration of “the doulas, midwives, and birth workers who help bring life into this world.” The track was written around the birth of his second son, a whole 25 years after the birth of his first born Azul Niño and is also one of his regular artistic collaborators. Who knows, maybe 25 years from now, this little kid will work on dad’s music too. Let’s take a listen to “Love to All Doulas!.” 





Ariana Morgenstern