Marketa Irglova: ‘Happy’

This week we are celebrating some of the artists recently featured at Iceland Airwaves, a multi-venue indoor music festival in the heart of Reykjavik spotlighting new talent enhanced by Iceland’s breathtaking landscape. 

You may be familiar with Marketa Irglova from her work with Glen Hansard in the film Once, or from their collaboration as the Academy Award-winning duo The Swell Season. Over a decade ago, Marketa relocated to Iceland and now calls it home. 

Let’s let Marketa tell us how her latest song, “Happy,” came about: “This song came to me in a dream, where I was singing the chorus. When I woke up, the melody and lyrics were still fresh in my mind. The song is about being present and feeling joyful without forming an attachment to how long the feeling may last. It is about a connection with others, without needing to analyze or name it, hoping only that the joy can be shared. It is about celebrating that joy and that connection - the here and now -with song and dance, being together and feeling elevated.” 

Visit The Swell Season from their 2009 MBE session





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