Filipino Music: A Glimpse

You're more likely to hear an Eagles song or some other pop classic played by a Filipino hotel or bar band than you are to hear some genuine Filipino music. That's because the Philippines were colonized for 4 hundred years, by the Spanish, then the Americans. How could they really develop an indigenous music? This week we get a glimpse of the roots and branches of Philippine music, from the big pop starts to field recordings of the hill tribes of the Palawan highlands.

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    1. Charmaine Clamor / Ako Ay Pilipino (I Am Filipino) / Single
    2. Charmaine Clamor / Oh Star / My Harana / Free Ham Records
    3. Bayang / Nasaan Na Tayo Ngayon / Makulay / Universal
    4. World Kulintang Institute / Duyug 1 / 3rd Century Gong: Ensemble Music from the Southern Philippines / WKI Records
    5. Kuh Ledesma / Lover’s Journey / Precious / KZK
    6. Various Indigenous / Kulilal At Pakpak At Manuk / Philippines: Palawan Highlands Music / Musee De L’Homme
    7. Various Indigenous  / Lute, Child Yhears For Its Dead Mother / Utom: Summoning The Spirit / Ryko World
    8. Women Artist of Lake Sebu / Chant Lingon / An Altamira Project / Buda
    9. Chin-Chin Gutierrez / Uyayi Ni Nena (Tulog Na Mahal Ko) / Uyayi: A Collection of Philippine Lullabies / Ncca
    10. Chin-Chin Gutierrez / Mendang Na Kon Mendang / Uyayi: A Collection of Philippine Lullabies / Ncca





    Tom Schnabel