Jessica Fichot

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Born in the U.S and raised in France to a French father and Chinese mother, Jessica Fichot’s multicultural upbringing had an early influence on her songwriting.

Fichot’s music career began in small coffee shops in Paris. After traveling to Boston and becoming a graduate of the Berklee School of Music; she wrote childrens’ music for educational programs and has now traveled to Los Angeles to focus on her own music and songwriting. The result is a wonderful debut album called ‘Le Chemin’ which finds her beautiful voice singing in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. The songs ranges in style from classic Django-esque swing to a dreamy Anglo French rendition of the song ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’.

Tom Schnabel, host of Café L.A was immediately captivated by this young chanteuse and quickly arranged to have her come and perform on his show. Despite confessing to being nervous, Jessica and her acoustic ensemble turned in a vivacious and enchanting set of five songs, featured on her CD ‘Le Chemin’. Check out this marvelous star on the rise

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Tom Schnabel