More New and Noteworthy Releases

Today’s show of new releases features a mix of world and jazz albums. We begin with Brazilian singer Caroline Saboya, covering a classic 1946 soccer song called “1 x 0.” After that another classic, this time by the Haitian band Tabou Combo, probably from the 1970′s, from an interesting new compilation of Haitian sounds from 1960-1981.

A few African tracks are next. Imarhan is a tuareg band from Nothern Mali, here dishing out some great modal groove in the title track from their new album. Fans of Tinariwen take note. We proceed next to South Africa, with a 1950′s jazz classic by Dolly Rathebe from a fantastic new collection of South African jazz in the Rough Guides series. Moving north and east, we hear an Ethiopian singer named Gabriella Ghermandi (her dad is Italian) from the U.K. label Arc Music.

We hop next to driving cumbia from M.A.K.U. Soundsystem, Colombian music that spells out the Spanish word “muevete”: shake your hips.

The final four songs are new jazz releases that I like a lot: tenor saxophonist Ernie Watts, two fine pianists, Renee Rosnes and Laurence Hobgood, and guitarist Peter Bernstein. Rhythm Planet is eclectic, and I receive a wonderful bounty of new releases. As an independent-minded DJ, I choose these new releases carefully. Those that I feature on new release shows are the cream of the crop. Hope you enjoy them!

Rhythm Planet Playlist for 5/6/16:

  1. Carolina Saboya / “1×0” / Carolina / AAM Music
  2. Tabou Combo / “Gislene” / Tanbou Toujou Lou / Ostinato Records
  3.  Imarhan / “Imarhan” / Imarhan / City Slang
  4.  Dolly Rathebe / “Tlhapi Ke Noga” / The Rough Guide to South African Jazz / World Music Network
  5.  Gabriella Ghermandi / “Che Below” / Ethiopia: Celebrating Emperor Tewodros II / Arc Music
  6.  M.A.K.U. Soundsystem / “Happy Hour” / Mezcla / Glitterbeat
  7.  Ernie Watts Quartet / “Letter from Home” / Wheel of Time / Flying Dolphin Records
  8.  Renee Rosnes / “The Galapagos Suite Deep in the Blue (Tiktaalik)” / Written in the Rocks / Smoke Sessions Records
  9.  Laurence Hobgood Trio / “Give Me the Simple Life” / Honor Thy Fathers / Circumstantial
  10.  Peter Bernstein / “Lullaby for B” / Let Loose / Smoke Sessions Records


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