More New Releases for the New Year

This week we hear more new releases that I have really enjoyed. These are all CD’s that have made the cut among the many that come my way. We’ll start with four superb guitarists. First, there is Yotam Silberstein, who came here from his native Israel, and this is a cut from his album The Village. Second, Steven Kirby, who, like Yotam Silberstein, is a great improviser. Veteran guitarist Mark Whitfield is next; listen for his piano player, Davis Whitfield, who channels Coltrane’s great pianist, McCoy Tyner. We round out the quartet of guitar tracks with Austrian guitar whiz Wolfgang Muthspiel, with “Wolfgang’s Waltz” from his new ECM release.

The next set starts with the band Le Sahel, which got its start in Dakar, Senegal in the 1970’s, and reunited in Paris years later. I have always loved the great voice of singer Idrissa Diop and have featured his music for years. The track “Jammo” is named after the Dakar club where they began their careers.

Dhafer Youssef is a powerful singer who first trained as a muezzin in his native Tunisia; you can hear it in his powerful voice. The word “Diwan” means any regional governing body in Islamic societies, but maybe here it means gatekeeper or something like that?

We close this week with a cut from Brazilian guitarist Ian Faquini and Brazilian vocalist Paula Santoro, followed by a steel pan player named Victor Provost. Provost’s “Ella Nunca Tiene Una Ventana” is a song I’ve heard somewhere before, but can’t remember that particular album. Any 411 from you out there?

I hope you enjoy the show.

Rhythm Planet Playlist for 1/13/17:

  1. Yotam Silberstein / “Parabens” / The Village / Jazz & People
  2. Steven Kirby / “Parabola” / Illuminations / Whaling City Sound
  3. Mark Whitfield / “Blue D.A.” / Grace / Marksman
  4. Wolfgang Muthspiel / “Wolfgang’s Waltz” / Rising Grace / ECM
  5. Le Sahel / “Jammo” / Putumayo Presents African Rumba / Putumayo
  6. Dhafer Youssef / “Longing and Saltation Journey” / Diwan of Beauty and Odd / Okeh
  7. Ian Faquini & Paula Santoro / “Aos Olhos da Tarde” / Metal Na Madeira / Ridgeway Records
  8. Victor Provost / “Ella Nunca Tiene Una Ventana” / Bright Eyes / Sunnyside

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