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This week we check out some good new product I've received recently.

We start with a triple-threat: Mexican singer Lila Downs teams up with flamenco siren Nina Pastori and Argentine superstar Soledad. Together the trio do Cesaria Evora's most famous morna. What could be better? After that, it's Congolese star Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca. He grew up in Kinshasha, Congo and was smitten early on by Cuban music. You'll feel that love here.

Aurelio Martinez is an artist from Honduras and we next hear the title cut from his new album, LandiniAwa Sangho is a new artist from Mali with a bright future.

Banda Magda, a group put together by a talented Greek musician based in New York, give a nice reading of Sidney Bechet's timeless song "Petite Fleur". Leonard Cohen, just turned 80, drones out a dark song called, "A Street". Music from Palestine follows from a terrific new 2 CD set on Real World.

Ed Motta (pronounced Edgy Motta) is from Brazil but sounds like 1970s George Benson. He has a show this Saturday downtown LA. After that, it's an edgy band from New York, SBTRKT. The song, "New Dorp, New York" is based on an area of Staten Island named when New York was still Nieuw Amsterdam. They just played last night at the Belasco Theater here in LA.

Rod McGaha is a trumpet player. This pretty song features singer Julia Lee. Chinese pipa virtuoso, Wu Man, teams up with Cuban-American percussionist Luis Conte and Hawaiian ukelele wizard Daniel Ho next on a famous Korean song called "Arirang". It's almost a second national anthem in South Korea.

Finally, a former member of Duran Duran, Warren Cuccurullo working with his idol the late Indian sarangi player Ustad Sultan Khan. Next, it's the new one from drummer Tony Allen, who was there at the beginning with Fela for the inception of what became known as, "Afrobeat". Damon Albarn is the vocalist. A field recording by a travelling group of South African artists visiting the bush in Mozambique concludes this week's show. Against all odds they turn out studio-quality recordings of groups that would never be heard otherwise. Click here to read about the Wired For Sound project.

Rhythm Planet Playlist: 10/17/14

  1. Lila Downs, Nina Pastori, Soledad / "Sodade" / Raiz / RCA
  2. Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca / "Rumba SoyYo" / La Rumba SoYo/ Cumbancha
  3. Aurelio Martinez / "Landini" / Landini / Real World
  4. Awa Sangho / "Aia Ta Ye Tougnaye" / Ala Ta / Motema
  5. Banda Magda / "Petite Fleur" / Yerakina / Ground Up Music
  6. Leonard Cohen / "A Street" / Popular Problems / Columbia
  7. Sansa Moussa / "Wea'Younha" / The Rough Guide To The Music Of Palestine / Rough Guides
  8. Ed Motta / "Dondi" / Aor / Tummy Touch
  9. SBTKRT / "New Dorp New York" / Wonder Where We Land / Young Turks
  10. Rod McGaha / "Mama Said" / The Black Flower Project / Black Flower Records
  11. Wu Man, Luis Conte & Daniel Ho / "Arirang" / Our World In Song / Wind Records
  12. Warren Cuccurullo & Ustad Sultan Khan / "The Lost Master" / The Master / Six Degrees
  13. Tony Allen feat. Doman Albam / "Go Back" / Film Of Life / Jazz Village
  14. Harry Potter / "Mocambique Elelo" / Wired For Sound / Wired For Sound (South Africa)

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