Hey…Hope everyone is doing well…

In August I quietly celebrated 10 years with KCRW…It’s not exactly how I thought the anniversary would look…I was planning this elaborate, month-long best-of on-air celebration…But alas, Covid had other plans.

Still, I wanted to mark this special milestone somehow…and I decided that the best way to do it, is to make a shorter mix for KCRW, keeping within the 3-hour show format…and then making two separate Spotify playlists…One that would capture my love for all things electronic…and another that would explore the indie, psych, folky sounds of Desert Nights – my weekly live music series which used to take place at The Standard Hollywood, and which coincidentally also happened to celebrate 10 Years this summer!

This show really should have been 165 songs…But that was impossible so I had to cut and cut and cut…

Here are 44 that made the most sense when placed together, in chronological, 2010-2020 order…The rest will live on Spotify.

Thank you for celebrating with me and indulging me in this throwback walk down memory lane… And thank you for listening all these years…

Take care until the next time…
Yours truly…in love and music.