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The Petersen Automotive Museum is getting a new facade, and DnA explores Corita Kent’s artistic and spiritual legacy. Plus, should you rip out your lawn after all?

Image courtesy of Corita Art Center.

Petersen Automotive Museum Gets New Bodywork 6 MIN, 47 SEC

Wilshire and Fairfax, one of L.A.’s busiest and culturally rich intersections, is ringing in the changes. One is a new facade of metal 381 stainless steel “ribbons” currently being installed at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

DnA went to the site and met with the builders: Sam Ragsdale, project manager for Matt Construction; and Tony Birchler, Vice President for Engineering and Sales for Zahner, the metal fabricator.

Corita Kent’s Pop Art and Spiritual Legacy 14 MIN, 53 SEC

Corita Kent was known for many years as Sister Corita  -- the “rebel” nun and teacher at the Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood who shook up religious art with colorful Pop-art screenprints. Now a full-scale survey of her three decade career is about to open at the Pasadena Museum of California Art -- called Someday is Now: The Art of Corita Kent.

Even though there has long been a cult following for Corita, her work is seeing a revival. Why? What role does she play in LA’s art -- and spiritual -- history? Could she be a better artist than the man who inspired her Pop Art: Andy Warhol?

DnA talks to the exhibition’s curator Michael Duncan; Ray Smith, director of the Corita Art Center; Lenore Navarro Dowling, a former sister at Immaculate Heart; graphic designer Lorraine Wild and artist Pae White.

Find 10 of Corita's screenprints here.
Should You Rip Out Your Lawn After All? 5 MIN, 21 SEC

Aside from swimming pools and almonds, lawns have been singled out as a water-guzzling villain in the midst of California’s historic drought.

Now Angelenos are rushing to rip out lawns, with the added incentive of rebates, and turf removal is becoming big business.

But landscape designer Mia Lehrer says: not so fast. Getting rid of turf could jeopardize the region’s beloved shrubs and trees. She explains what we should do to conserve lawns and save water without harming our delicate ecosystems. Read her 8 tips from using recycled water through to planting  drought tolerant grasses here. 

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