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On this DnA, the holiday spirit takes over. Michael Giaimo, Art Director of Frozen talks about finding the “truth” in the design of Frozen. Daniel Goldberg and  Linus Larsson on the rags to riches tale of Markus Persson, designer of the video game parents approve of: Minecraft. Chisa Iwuagwu brings Midwestern style to Angelenos as they join the Ugly Sweater trend; while Japan’s Muji brings impeccable taste to an unexpected neighborhood in LA; Alissa Walker reports.
Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Main Topic Meet L.A.'s Ugly Sweater Queen
By day Chisa Iwuagwu teaches in an elementary school. By night and weekend, she is the Ugly Sweater Queen, greeting anti-style seekers in a tiny pop-up storefront in Burbank, which grew out of demand for her vintage and handmade sweaters on Shop Ugly Sweaters.com.
She and customer Gilbert Riposa tell DnA what makes a truly beautiful ugly sweater, and discuss why LA might be late to this particular trend. 

Chisara Iwuagwu, Shop Ugly Sweaters

Main Topic The Art of Frozen
A vast team of artists and computer designers at Walt Disney Animation Studios spent five years on the research and design of Frozen – which involved traveling to Norway and studying its “stave” churches and traditional folk art; and meeting with physicists at Cal Tech to learn about snow. 
The film’s executive producer was John Lasseter and the man responsible for overall look was art director Michael Giaimo, who also created the look for Pocahontas. Michael tells DnA about the importance of seeking the “truth” of a setting before adding the Disney “panache.” Plus he discusses his first experience with CGI and how it completely changes the process of making animation.

Michael Giaimo, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Main Topic Minecraft: the Game Parents Want Their Kids to Play
Minecraft was created a few years by a Swedish designer name Markus Persson, and now has legions of followers who share their creations on YouTube. 
Now a book about Persson and the game has been published in English. It’s called Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus Notch Persson and the Game that Changed Everything.

Daniel Goldberg, Author
Linus Larsson, Author

Main Topic Muji Comes to Hollywood
Alissa Walker sets off to find out why Muji opened in Hollywood, L.A.'s tacky capital. She even meets the president of Muji USA; pulling out his Tap card, he reveals that he is thinking ahead to the emerging LA of high density and public transit.

Alissa Walker, Curbed (@awalkerinLA)

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