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Photo: David Avalos, a student at Van Nuys High School. (Avishay Artsy)

Expo Line and Hyperloop 13 MIN, 40 SEC

The long-awaited Expo Line extension to Santa Monica opens this weekend. It's the culmination of 20 years of work by activists, legislators and transportation planners and engineers, and promises a 45-minute ride between downtown LA and downtown Santa Monica. But what's the next step once you get to station? Santa Monica's Mobility Manager explains.

While many Angelenos are revving up for the first train to the beach in over 60 years, some transit dreamers are working on a vehicle that would leave light rail in the dust. Last week the LA company Hyperloop One conducted a test of the concept for rapid travel initiated by Tesla founder Elon Musk. It involves propelling passengers in pods through a vacuum tube at a speed of about 600 miles per hour and would cut travel time between LA and San Francisco to a half hour.

So while we're celebrating the extension of the Expo Line, should we be focused on newer transit technology? Is the future of a travel a marriage of the public and private sector?

Geoff Wardle, ArtCenter College of Design (@artcenteredu)
Dan Sturges, US Transportation Research Board (@DNAsturges)
Rob Lloyd, Hyperloop One (@Rob_Lloyd)
Francie Stefan, City of Santa Monica

Hyperloop One succeeds at first of many much-hyped tests
Is Hyperloop the future of travel?
America Doesn’t Deserve Hyperloops Until it Fixes Public Transit
Has the new Expo Line been doomed to slow, mediocre service before it even opens?

High School Shop Is Back as Career Tech 13 MIN, 50 SEC

Remember Shop class? For many years it was dropped from high schools and has now returned in a variant called Career Technical Education. And it may be a route to work in high tech manufacturing and other vocations that won’t leave kids drowning in student debt.

To find out more, we start at a lighting company in the City of Industry. That’s where Tommy Vargas uses CNC milling, the digitized cutting of metal, to fabricate light fixtures that require a high level of precision. It's a skill that's now being taught at Van Nuys High School, along with automotive and other skills for today’s industrial needs. We hear from students David AvalosJasmin Benitez, Alejandro Martinez and automotive teacher Joseph Agruso about the impact of this training. And we ask: is it available to all?

Van Nuys High School Principal Yolanda Gardea and machine class instructor Jose Castro
Photo by Avishay Artsy

Steve Nadell, Troy-CSL Lighting
Connie Leyva, State Senate
Seema Puri, LA Unified School District
Tommy Vargas, Troy-CSL Lighting
Yolanda Gardea, Van Nuys High School

DnA meets Tommy Vargas and Steve Nadell while visiting Troy-CSL factory in the City of Industry
Report: Career and Technical Education Programs Can Boost Graduation, Wages
Career And Technical Education: Boom Or Bust?
California awards $245 million in career technical education grants

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