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“Sculptural” architecture is now in full flower – at MOCA, and LACMA. DnA explores the MOCA show following the last minute makeover of its installation and the vast “inkblot” being proposed in place of four older buildings at the county museum -- with guests Sam LubellAnne Marie Burke, Peter Zumthor, Michael Govan and architect Craig Hodgetts.

Also, Marianna Amatullo and Elisa Ruffino discuss Art Center’s effort to teach middle schoolers that guns are “Uncool;” Phil Owen and attendees at E3 consider a campaign to remove gun brands from video games. And architect and product designer Michael Graves talks about shaping hospitals and homes since he lost the ability to walk.

Main Topic Redesigning Gun Culture 7 MIN, 24 SEC

To date it has proven remarkably hard to address gun violence through legal or political means. So some people are trying to confront the problem another way – through tackling the image of guns in society.

Mariana Amatullo and Elisa Ruffino of Art Center College of Art and Design, explain a pilot project they’ve launched with LAUSD called “Where’s Darryl,” that tries to teach kids guns are “Uncool.”

Meanwhile, a group called Moms Demand Action also believes the messaging around guns has to change. DnA went to the E3 gaming show to find out what attendees thought about such an effort. We heard a range of opinions from Kelvin Valencia, Kenya Vasquez, Daniel Garcia, Trent Blair, Kristin Perez, Amber Gregerson and Phil Owen

Mariana Amatullo, Design Matters at Art College Center of Design (@designmattersCA)
Elisa Ruffino, Designmatters at Art Center College of Design
Phil Owen, VG247 (@philrowen)

Main Topic “Sculptural” Architecture at MOCA and LACMA 15 MIN, 11 SEC

In the last couple of weeks, two of the large-scale Pacific Standard Time Presents exhibits have opened; one at LACMA, showcasing Peter Zumthor’s design to replace four buildings on the museum site; the other is at MOCA.

MOCA’s is an exhibit that stalled along the way, largely to do with the framing of the show, as “A New Sculpturalism.” About a month ago, architect Thom Mayne helped assemble a team to realize the installation. They maintained more or less the same designers, but changed the layout. 

So how does the show look and feel now? And more importantly what does the “sculptural” building actually proposed for LACMA mean for Los Angeles? We heard from architecture writer Sam Lubell, installation manager Anne Marie Burke, architect Peter Zumthor and LACMA director Michael Govan and architect Craig Hodgetts.

Sam Lubell, architecture writer
Anne Marie Burke, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture
Peter Zumthor, Pritzker Prize-winning architect
Michael Govan, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (@LACMA)
Craig Hodgetts, Hodgetts + Fung / UCLA (@HodgettsandFung)

Main Topic Michael Graves Remakes Space and Products for the Disabled 5 MIN, 23 SEC

On this segment designer Michael Graves talks about designing products, wheelchairs and buildings for hospitals, as well as homes for “Wounded Warriors” and “universal” houses for Habitat for Humanity.

Michael Graves, Michael Graves Design Group


Frances Anderton

Frances Anderton

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