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Photo: Livia Corona Benjamin, 47,547 Homes, 2009, chromogenic print, courtesy of the artist and Parque Galería, © 2009 Livia Corona Benjamin. Part of the LACMA exhibition Home — So Different, So Appealing

Trump's 'American Idea' hotel chain 8 MIN, 24 SEC

As foreign dignitaries patronize Trump hotels, the president is being sued for violating the Constitution's Emoluments Clause. But that's not stopping the Trump Organization from launching new hotels.

Donald Trump, Jr. at a campaign stop at Iowa State on November 1, 2016
Photo by Max Goldberg

Last week they announced a new three-star hotel chain called American Idea. The Trump children were reportedly inspired by folks they met in small towns on the campaign trail. The first franchisee is Chawla Hotels in Mississippi, which already owns Holiday Inns and Comfort Inns. They plan to retrofit three existing properties.

American Idea hotels are expected to feature decor and artifacts that celebrate American culture and American manufacturing. But they won't bear the Trump name. Why not? And how does Trump advance a brand that's become polarizing? We hear from a marketing expert who has studied the Trump brand.

Tim Calkins, Northwestern University (@timothycalkins)

The New York Times reports on American Idea
Salon talks to ethics expert Norm Eisen about the potential conflicts inherent in American Idea
The Independent newspaper says American Idea wants to put distance between the hotel company and the Trump name

LACMA is coming to South LA 11 MIN, 56 SEC

LACMA's Wilshire Boulevard complex is on the brink of a major transformation. Four of its buildings are said to be falling apart and are set to be demolished. Taking their place will be a radically different design, by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. So the museum needs space to store art and house staff and has found a very interesting site: a former bus maintenance and storage facility in South LA Wetlands Park. The building dates back to 1911 and has sat empty for thirty years. Michael Govan has plans to lease it for the next 35. It's part of a long-held plan to take LACMA out into diverse communities in Los Angeles.

The former bus maintenance and storage facility in
South LA Wetlands Park that LACMA hopes to renovate and move into
Photo by Avishay Artsy

Michael Govan, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (@LACMA)

Curbed LA reports on LACMA plans to open a satellite facility in South LA

What 'home' means to Latino and Latin American artists 7 MIN, 9 SEC

In 2004 Daniel Joseph Martinez built a replica of the cabin occupied by Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber. Every time it's displayed, he repaints it in the seasonal colors recommended by Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Artist Daniel Joseph Martinez stands in front of his LACMA installation
"the west bank is missing, i am not dead, am i."
Photo by Avishay Artsy

This installation, called "The House America Built," is one of many pieces of art on display in the new LACMA exhibition HOME — So Different, So Appealing, the inaugural show in Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA. DnA talks to Martinez about why he fused these two Americans in one artwork; and we talk to co-curator Pilar Tompkins Rivas about the idea of home, a concept that, in her words, "can be traced from the family, to the neighborhood, to the nation state, and larger questions of how do we talk about homeland."

Pilar Tompkins Rivas, co-curator of LACMA's show "HOME — So Different, So Appealing,"
stands in front of Daniel Joseph Martinez's installation "The House America Built."
Photo by Avishay Artsy

Pilar Tompkins Rivas, Vincent Price Art Museum (@pilartompkins)
Daniel Joseph Martinez, artist

What Is Home? LACMA's New Show of Latino and Latin American Art Has 100 Answers

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