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Prince, one of the best-selling pop artists of all time, has died. He was 57. We talk about the life and musical influence of the Purple One, whose music resonated with generations of listeners. Also, in response to demonstrations against a gender-neutral restroom this week, students at a South LA high school say, ‘keep calm, it’s just a toilet.’ Next, the US Treasury reverses course and Alexander Hamilton will remain on the $10 bill. How much did fans of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” sway the decision? After that, what’s the best way to deal with doctors and nurses when they make serious, even fatal, medical errors? And finally, we’ll talk about the corporate conscience of certain tech companies with Xeni Jardin for our weekly web roundup.

Remembering Prince, The Purple One 12 MIN, 15 SEC

Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince, was found dead Thursday. He was 57 years old. His career as a music innovator spanned decades, and he amassed stacks of awards over the years, including seven Grammys, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe. He was a prolific composer and had more than 19 top-ten hits. Throughout his career, he defied musical genres and blurred racial and gender lines in a way that resonated with generations of listeners.

Alan Light, long-time music writer
Garth Trinidad, Host of 'Garth Trinidad' (@garthtrinidad)

‘Keep Calm, It’s just a toilet.’ 6 MIN, 32 SEC

Students of Santee Education Complex in South Los Angeles demonstrated peacefully Wednesday, a day after they clashed with adult protesters opposed to the school’s new gender-neutral restroom. The multi-stall, all-gender bathroom, the first in L.A. public schools, opened last week. How do the students at Santee feel about the controversy it’s raised? And now that transgender bathrooms have become the center of a national debate over anti-discrimination laws, how do teachers talk to their students about them?

Joseph Zeccola, English Teacher at Santee Education Complex

Alexander Hamilton Will Remain on the $10 Bill 9 MIN, 3 SEC

The US Treasury has announced that civil war era freedom fighter Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. And in other currency news, Alexander Hamilton, who was going to be replaced on the $10 bill, is staying put. How much did the popularity of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” sway the decision to keep Hamilton on the ten-spot? Apparently Jack Lew and the Treasury Department had faced opposition from the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, a recent Pulitzer Prize-winner, and furor from the musical’s fans.

Mike Schlitt, Historian and Producer, 'The Document' (@schlitthappenz)

When Doctors Make Fatal Mistakes 12 MIN, 2 SEC

In medical ethics the first guiding principle for doctors and nurses is do no harm, but accidental harm happens all the time. Medical errors occur every day, and sometimes those errors are deadly. Of course that’s devastating to the patient and the patient’s loved ones. But it’s also devastating to the doctor or nurse who made the mistake, and often those health care workers suffer in silence. How should hospital administrators respond when health care providers make terrible medical mistakes? Should they punish them or support them and learn from them?

Sarah Kliff, Vox (@sarahkliff)
Sue Scott, Registered Nurse, University of Missouri Health Care

Web Roundup with Xeni Jardin 8 MIN, 4 SEC

The Panama Papers exposed a secretive world of offshore banks, and a recent report by Oxfam revealed how 50 of the biggest global companies based in the U.S. stash $1.3 trillion offshore. Many of those companies are in the tech world, and claim they’re committed to the public good. Should they be held to a higher standard than the rest of corporate America? For more on that and other web news, we’re joined by our regular contributor Xeni Jardin.

Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing.net (@xeni)

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