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Tuesday is day two at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and Press Play is there all week. Latinos attending the convention share why they are supporting the Republican candidate. A Latino pollster puts it all in perspective. Next, the Latin Alternative Music Conference just took place in New York. It’s an influential place to discover new Latin music from around the world. Then, Donald Trump’s single biggest individual donor is Los Angeles real estate developer Geoff Palmer. Who is he? And as summer heats up, so do outdoor drinking spots in LA.

Image: Inside the 2016 Republican National Convention. Photo: Saul Gonzalez

Why are These Latino Delegates Supporting Donald Trump? 10 MIN, 51 SEC

The Latino vote has been crucial in electing the past few Presidents. But Republican nominee Donald Trump has struggled to make inroads with this demographic, according to recent polls. We’ll talk to some Latino delegates and activists at the convention who support Trump. While they may not agree with calls to build a wall, they insist Latinos are not single issue voters.

Anna Scott, Producer, 'Press Play' (@AnnaKCRW)

Trends in Latino Voting 7 MIN, 10 SEC

Polling has shown Hillary Clinton with a sizable lead over Trump. But there is some nuance to those polls. Bilingual Hispanics strongly support Hillary Clinton, but with English-dominant Hispanics, Clinton and Trump’s poll numbers are closer. So while the Latino vote may lean heavily Democratic in the short run, it remains to be seen what happens in the future as more of these families become integrated into the country in the coming decades.

Mark Hugo Lopez, Pew Hispanic Center

New Music from the Latin Alternative Music Conference 14 MIN, 11 SEC

This year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference just took place in New York. It’s an influential place to discover new Latin music from around the world. This year’s hot new voices include iLe, a young songstress whose sexy lyrics are decidedly not PG-13, and a 17 year-old one man band named Grenda.

Raul Campos, Host of 'Raul Campos' (@raulcampos)

Who is Trump’s Biggest Campaign Donor? 9 MIN, 17 SEC

If you’ve been to downtown LA, you’ve no doubt seen apartment complexes like The Medici, The Orsini, and The Lorenzo. They were built by LA real estate developer Geoff Palmer, who was recently outed as the single largest individual donor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, apart from Trump himself. Much like the candidate he’s supporting, Geoff Palmer is no stranger to controversy either.

Eddie Kim, Los Angeles Downtown News (@eddiekimx)
Zachary Mider, Bloomberg News

The Allure of LA's Bar Patios 6 MIN, 59 SEC

Sitting outdoors, enjoying a cold drink is one of summer’s great pleasures. And with several LA bars opening new patios this season, there’s more opportunity than ever to do that. Outdoor seating can be a boon for owners in a notoriously fickle industry. We discuss the best spots in town.

Katherine Spiers, LA Weekly; Producer of Smarth Mouth (@katherinespiers)

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