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The federal government put states on notice today, telling them that laws regulating the use of public bathrooms by transgender people would not be tolerated. We speak with a transgender teenager about what her experience has been like, and a doctor who deals with transgender children about how her patients are talking about this.

Pershing Square Downtown is about to get a major makeover and UCLA just got a big donation to revamp its art school.

We’ll have reviews of the latest new releases and also a look at the man who’s made it his life’s work to find a runner that can complete a marathon in under two hours.

Image: Gender Neutral Multistall Bathroom in Washington, D.C. (Ted Eytan)

Transgender Youth and the Bathroom Bills 10 MIN, 9 SEC

There’s been a lot of debate over who can use which bathrooms recently. The Obama administration weighed in today, directing all public schools, colleges and universities to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identities. Here in California, that’s already the law. But other states like North Carolina and Texas don’t agree. The Lieutenant Governor of Texas says his state will not, “yield to blackmail by the president.”

Quinn Broussard, transgender teen
Johanna Olson, Center for Transyouth Health and Development, L.A. Children's Hospital

The New Vision for Downtown’s Pershing Square 8 MIN, 8 SEC

Pershing Square has famously been described as the “Worst Public Space in America.” But that is, hopefully, about to change. A team led by French landscape architecture firm Agence Ter won the competition to re-design Pershing Square with a plan titled “The Dynamic Heart of Los Angeles.”

Frances Anderton, Host, 'DnA: Design & Architecture' (@FrancesAnderton)

Read Anderton's KCRW Blog post on the Pershing Square redesign

UCLA’s Plan for a New Art Infrastructure 7 MIN, 12 SEC

UCLA’s School of Art and Architecture is about to get a major redesign. A major donation will allow the school to create a new building that will house state-of-the-art work spaces for its elite students. UCLA has a top-rated Master of Fine Arts program, which only admits about 20 students a year. It’s the second-highest rated MFA program in the country - after Yale. But the new investment is about more than just that handful of students.

Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times (@KnightLAT)

Read Knight's Los Angeles Times article on UCLA's art school expansion plan

Reviews of “Money Monster” and Two Indie Comedies 10 MIN, 31 SEC

We’ve got a hostage crisis thriller starring George Clooney and a couple of indies rocking the cinema this weekend. Love and Friendship and The Lobster are two very different comedies crafted by beloved independent film directors.


Alonso Duralde, Film Critic (@ADuralde)

The 2-Hour Marathon: Art or Science? 9 MIN, 53 SEC
Kenyan Dennis Kimetto holds the world record for running the fastest marathon. In 2014, he ran the Berlin marathon in 2 hours, 2 minutes and 57 seconds. The idea of doing it in less than two hours? Some people think it’s impossible or at least 10 years away. But not Yannis Pitsiladis. He’s a physiologist who works out of England, and he’s on a quest to find and prepare the person who can, through science, run a marathon under two hours by 2019.

Jere Longman, Sports Reporter, New York Times

Read part one of Longman's "Man vs. Marathon" article in the New York Times
Read part two of Longman's "Man vs. Marathon" article in the New York Times

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