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When comedian Will Forte left Saturday Night Live five years ago, he wasn't sure what his next step would be. Then he teamed up with long time friends Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to create The Last Man on Earth. Forte writes, stars and produces the show, which will start its second season in September. He tells us he originally envisioned the show as a cable comedy, but he's happy they found a home at Fox...except when he gets notes about words like "fustercluck."

Photo: Will Forte in The Last Man on Earth, courtesy of Fox

Hollywood News Banter 6 MIN, 29 SEC

Matt Belloni, executive editor of The Hollywood Reporter joins Kim Masters to discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

  • The latest dynamic duo to come to HBO will be...Bert and Ernie? Sesame Street and HBO have a new partnership where the iconic children's show will air first on HBO and then nine months later on PBS. The deal is aimed at getting families to subscribe to HBO's streaming service, HBONow.
  • The research firm SNL Kagan reports that pay TV lost 600,000 subscribers in the last quarter -- the biggest dip ever. As viewers are ditching hefty cable packages in favor of digital services and "skinny" bundles, media companies and investors are scrambling for way to ensure profits for the future.
  • There seems to be an exodus of executives at the Weinstein Company. Most notably, long time COO David Glasser has departed, along with the Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, former heads of Radius, TWC's boutique label that had found success distributing docs and indies through VOD platforms. Harvey Weinstein however, has told the media that the company is in "great shape."
'The Last Man on Earth' 20 MIN, 57 SEC

In Fox's The Last Man on Earth, Will Forte plays Phil Miller, a nice enough guy driven to the brink when he believes he's the only person left in the world.

Forte teamed with long time friends Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the forces behind The Lego Movie, to create and produce the show, which opened to strong ratings and a quick pickup for a second season.

Now, Forte has two Emmy nominations for writing and acting.

Forte says he wasn't expecting that five years ago when he quit Saturday Night Live. It was the year he turned 40, he didn't have a his next move planned, and his film MacGruber had just bombed at the box office.

When he first started working with Lord and Miller on the show, Forte had originally planned to just help write the pilot and then "go relax on a beach." But then he fell in love with the character, and couldn't imagine stepping away.

Forte tells us he initially imagined the comedy as a cable show, but is happy to be at Fox...except for the language restrictions. He admits he does love his "f-words."

Now he's started working on season two, and despite some blowback on social media about the creepiness of Forte's character, the team is forging ahead, working on a long-term plan for the character arc of Phil.

Forte figures if he loses a couple viewers along the way, it's alright because they've got a strong fan base who trust what the writers have in store. You might say he's sticking to his artist's vision. Forte agrees, but with a caveat: "Artist, I'm not comfortable with. Fartist is probably more apt."

Will Forte, actor and showrunner (@OrvilleIV)

The Last Man on Earth

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