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The Mysterious James Tiptree 12 MIN, 7 SEC

James Tiptree Jr. was a science fiction writer from the late 60's and early 70's. He had a loyal following for his books and stories which were partly notable for the way he handled gender issues and male/female relationships. This was during an era when science fiction books usually featured masculine male heroes, and almost no female ones. Tiptree was a mysterious figure, who only communicated to a few friends and fans. That's because his career hinged on a very big secret.

Produced by Eric Molinsky, who is a public radio producer and illustrator living in New York. He has his own podcast which is called Imaginary Worlds. It features biographer Julie Philips and author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Alice Sheldon retouching a photo while working in the Army Air Forces photo-intelligence department
Photo courtesy of Julie Philips

Young Alice in Africa

Alice and Ting
Photo courtesy of Julie Philips

The Dog, the Rabies, and the Lie 6 MIN, 43 SEC

This is a story about the time of our lives when we LEARN how to lie. As soon as many kids get old enough to get in trouble, they're going to try and lie to get out of it. That said, the kid in this story is notable to the lengths he will go, the confusion he will cause, and the pain he will endure, just to stay out of trouble.

The story is told by Leland Pobirs and Herma Pobirs. It was produced by Elyssa Dudley and Alana Rinicella.

Leland at 10 years old, a kid who could lie and would not crack. 
Courtesy of Elyssa Dudley

Leland and his mother
Courtesy of Elyssa Dudley


Panther Hoax 9 MIN, 40 SEC

For decades an argument has never stopped about the existence of large black Panthers living in the woods of Kennison Mountain in West Virginia. The official story is that these big cats haven't existed there since the 1800's. That hasn't stopped reports of Panther sightings that continue to this day. It happens often enough to make you think twice about what the truth really is. There's a story that's been passed around the state for almost 60 years -- about the time an entire town West Virginia town saw a black panther, but it was all a lie.

Story by Jessie-Wright Mendoza.
Heard in the story:
Maxine Corbett-Richwood, reporter for the Nicholas Chronicle and former employee of Jim Comstock,
Allan Barker, Richwood resident
Jay Comstock, Richwood resident, son of Jim Comstock
Narration by Miles Stroth

Cal Price, editor at The Pocahontas Times
Courtesy of Traveling219.com

A photo of the panther from The Pocahontas Times
Courtesy of Traveling219.com


Bob Carlson

Bob Carlson

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